Sunday, March 21, 2021

Green March

I got some Sister's choice blocks done in green this week. They will look good with my pink and yellow ones. I am so far behind for green this month. We have been warmer and most of the snow is gone. Many winters we have lots still and it is colder. Walks and training with the dogs has been great, but it means less time to quilt. 

To see more about the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2021 check out the link. For years now, about 10 years, I have been Following along and doing blocks in the given colour. I have many quilts done and many more started by doing the colour of the month. I love how it works. 

Two new books came this week. I have Lori's Farm Girl Vintage books one and 2. The blocks from these books play nicely with the other blocks in Farm Girl Vintage. I really wanted the other dog blocks. Looks like I might be making more quilts from here. Love the Christmas blocks. 



  1. Lovely blocks. It would be interesting to see all the RSC quilts you have made over the years - any chance of a blogpost showing them off?

  2. Those green blocks look fresh and crisp for spring, Cathy! With the pink and yellow ones you'll have a garden of blocks. :-)