Saturday, March 6, 2021

Green Saturday


Today is the first green scrap Saturday. So far I just have the this little block done, a 16 patch. My list in the box had just one missing. So now the green is complete in that box and I can cross it off. I have been putting a list of blocks in the box, it helps to see quickly if I need any more done or not. 

Next up I have this laid out to piece together. 

Green scraps -What can I say? it is by far my biggest boxes of scraps. I love green and there are so many different greens. Wow. 
I have a number of green blocks missing to help complete sets. I t=really could do green for 2 months, I am sure. 

I have added this post to Soscrappy. She has many links to check out for scrap quilts. I could spend the whole day there.  

This is the last of my Yellow blocks left over from February. 8" log cabin blocks done on paper. I got them trimmed up today but I have paper to take out still. so mostly done.  

Pretty fabric. I just loved this wall of batik fabric and had to take a photo. It is Batiks on sale. 

This book, I found it. my mom and I have been looking for this book and this week someone local had a copy for sale. Glad to have a copy to share with mom. I sent it to her house before I had a good look. So not sure if I will start another string quilt yet or not. 

Green yarn! I am taking a sock knitting class on line tomorrow. I think I will try using this yarn, pretty Green again. 

Nadine has been keeping up with her Rainbow Scrap Challenge too. She finished up this yellow block last weekend for February. 

Then she sorted her green box of scraps and used some of the larger pieces to make this card holder. Her grandmother is in the hospital and loves to play cards. She is hopping this card holder will let her still play some crib. What a great gift. 

So much to show today. 


  1. What an amazing and thoughtful gift. Hope her mom is better soon.

  2. You got a good start on GREEN month, Cathy, but Nadine ROCKED it!!