Friday, March 19, 2021

Sock Pair #5


This pair of socks is #5 started and finished this year. The yarn is very soft and is from local sheep. It is Smiling Sheep Happy Sock Yarn. It is 85% SW Merino and 15% nylon. It is a hand dyed yarn and the colour name is "All I Have To Do Is Dream". 

They knit up real nice. But for some reason I started the toe decrease too early on my first sock. I made it way too short for my feet. So I had to redo the toe and make it longer. All is good now. I must have been rushing too much. 

I have started to knit up the next pair. I am using my Chocolate Strawberry yarn. I had another class with Kate Atherley last Sunday, The Sock A Long, hosted by Focus on Fiber Art Ass. It was on zoom again. I learned to do a different heal cap that also uses the reinforcement stitch I use on the heal flap. So happy to learn a new thing again. I will be able to have better socks and I hope the heal will last longer. . 

Here is the pretty photo of the Chocolate Strawberry yarn I dyed. I hope to do more dying soon. 

As I have been wearing my sock daily, they do wear out. I washed a bundle up and after they dry I check for weak points. This pair I had redone the toes and now the heals need help. So I dig out the left over yarn and stitch over the old stitches. I am glad it is just my socks I have to keep in good shape. If I had to do this for my whole family all winter long, I could not keep up. My men would have to learn to knit. 

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