Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Baking Started

 I just finished mixing up my Blond Fruit cake for Christmas. It is in the oven for the next four hours. I got the receipt from my aunt Myrna a few years back and have been making it since. I wish I could get better Pecans fresh from Texas. My dad traveled for work to Huston almost monthly when he was working and in Nov he would bring back Pecans for Christmas baking. These three little cakes have over $14.00 in pecans and I can bet they are last years crop. Not as good as what Dad would bring home. I would make Pralines if I could get fresher pecans.

I can now head to my sewing room and work on a customers quilt. Last night I started step 4 of Orca Bay Mystery. It will take sometime to get step 4 done.

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  1. For several years when they still lived in Eastern Canada (Quebec) where I grew up, my parents would spend several months of the winter in Florida, near Kissimee (sp?). Mom would bring pecans home...and make the most wonderful pies! I still remember the taste...warm, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and a cuppa black coffee to cut the richness...