Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday Quilting Christmas Quilt

 This is one of my customer's quilts that I did earlier this year. It is her Christmas applique quilt. It has turned out so nice. I did not have a camera this summer and did not get the photos at my house, like I would normally do. She entered the quilt in the Black Gold Quilt Patch Show (October  Leduc Quilt Show) were I as able to get the photos. I got a new camera for my birthday. The old camera was lost at the Edmonton and Distinct Guild Quilt Show in June. It just never came home with me. Not sure what happened to the camera.

Tuesday as when my Quilting Bee would meet. This fall I am in a Dog Agility class on Tuesdays and many of our members are traveling for the winter. We are not meeting much these days but I still feel Tue is quilt day. So I try to make a post instead. Maybe Shawna will stop by and check up on us.


  1. Gorgeous quilt and lovely quilting. I love to applique and haven't been doing any for awhile.

  2. I remember seeing that quilt. Beautifully done!