Saturday, December 31, 2011

Orca Bay Mystery step 6

I am late in posting these photos but here is step 6. They are Ohio Star blocks. I got them done this week and yesterday I got started on step 7. I thought I would still show you and show you how I was playing around with the different blocks.  Step 7 already shows me I have it wrong but it was still fun to play with the arrangement. I plan to spend New Years Eve doing some sewing on step 7. Step 8 and I think the final step is to be release New Years Day. I hope to get some more sewing on Orca Bay on Sunday too. Maybe I can finish next week.

I got the quilting done on the Dog's Food quilt today. Binding next. I have to pick out what - maybe black. I will get photos when it is all done. The back shows the cool quilting I did.


  1. I like the layout you came up with, maybe for a future quilt idea? It will be interesting to see the layout tomorrow. I am working tonite to see if I can get step 1 completely finished and step 3 maybe. They are both close. I have a few of the ohio star blocks done and I love how they turned out in my colors, will hopefully post a picture later tonite or tomorrow. I did a couple of step 7 and like it as well but have to do more step 5's before I can move on. Happy New Year!!!

  2. I have been working on step 6 - almost complete - and I hope to spend a lot more time sewing over the next couple days. I just might get caught up!!

  3. Looking good! Thanks for the motivation!