Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tin Box Exchange - Leduc Guild

 Tonight is the Black Gold Quilt Patch Meeting and Christmas Party. Last month we started a tin box exchange and I joined in. This is the block I did for the box this month. My box #3 had a orange fall themed fabric and I was to use a piece of the fabric in my block. The block can not be bigger than 8 1/2" in size so that it still fits in the 9" box. I did a star and also got these little bonus pinwheels too. I am going to include them in the box. I hope the other ladies got their boxes done and bring them to exchange tonight. Each box has a theme and a piece of fabric. Also is a little book to write down any note or were you got the pattern from. At the end of six months when each box should be done with six blocks, we draw names. If you added a block to the box you get a chance to win the box of blocks. Everyone will go home with one box. We are then challenged to make a small wall quilt with our blocks.

The internet repair man was to our house today so let us hope this is the end of all the troubles. So far OK. I was busy at a Dogs At Large agility trail all weekend. We got one passing in the Started Standard class and two other classes we were less then a sec from a pass. We had time faults. My dog visited the jump crew a few times. He is too friendly. Over all he was very good at the trial and we both enjoyed ourselves. I did not take any photos but I did have someone take video of all our rounds. Maybe I will get them loaded on to my you tube challenge someday and show you the link in case there are other dog friendlies out there. I think I want to do some editing and I need to learn that first.

Best get to that Christmas Party now. 

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