Monday, December 19, 2011

Orca Bay Mystery #5 and Cookies

 It is Monday and Bonnie Hunter has the Linky thing up for our progress on her Orca Bay Mystery. I did not get all of step 5 done yet but maybe just short of half of 350. I like this photo of the colour units added in than just black and white. I love working on Black and white but we have done 3 out of 5 steps in black and white.

Here we are making cut out Christmas cookies. These are a family favorite, I have been making them since I was 13 or so. They are a recipe that my great grandmother used, I remember visiting her and getting a animal cookie with coloured sprinkles on it.

I make up the batter the night before and refrigerate. Then we dig out the large bucket of cookie cutters and roll out the dough. The boys are getting big enough that they cut many cookies and are a big help to decorate. We add sprinkles and sugar all before the cookies are baked.

 Both boys at work on cookies. I got a photo of the oldest. He hinds and stays far way from the camera. 

A tray of cookies finished and cooling. They always brighten up the cookie plate.


  1. I like how you are playing with the Orca Bay units.

  2. Those cookies look so tasty! Orca bay is looking very festive. I'm hoping the mystery will start to become clear soon, because right now the pieces don't seem to fit. Definitely hoping to use the other colors more.

  3. cow them. So glad that you shared these photos of cookie baking. #1DS can groan all he wants, one day he will come to appreciate these pictures very much.

  4. Hi Cathy! You are a very busy person. The cookies look fun. I remember doing the very same thing with my mum every year. Everyone is trying to figure out Orca Bay. Guess we will have to wait a bit longer for some answers.

  5. You are making great progress on Orca Bay and on cookie baking. I made a couple batches the other day but I did not decorate them. My son wants to have some decorated (tradition yah know!) so I will be baking a couple more batches today so we can decorate them together.