Saturday, December 10, 2011

Karen McTavish Whole Cloth Class

This is Karen McTavish and Me, Cathy, yesterday in class. Karen got me giggling in the photo. I did have a good time. Karen was an excellent teacher. One of Karen's quilts is behind us.

 Me working a way at my whole cloth design. Matt Sparrow took the photo for me. He wanted to see more cleavage. Can you guess we had a lot fun in the class. Matt and Bradie had a great breakfast and lunch out for us.

I started my whole cloth with a piece of Kona cotton that was 44" by 62". I knew that, not starting square was going to create some troubles for me but I wanted to work though it. I love a diamond in a square layout but it looked like that was going to be hard to do. I did a princess feather boarder and a diamond in the middle with a stencil pattern. Then I have an area above and below the diamond to fill in. I found another feather to use. It worked out well.

 Karen teaching us about background fillers. Some need to be marked and others can be left to do free hand. Below here we are holding up our works of art. Overall a very good class. I did take a class from Pepper Cory years ago and maybe I could have done one on my own. I will do one on my own now.

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