Sunday, April 8, 2012

Agility Dog of Canada

Cathy Lex and Judge Matt Bonner

On Saturday my dog Lex and I had another agility trial and got our first ever Title - Agility Dog of Canada. I try to keep this blog for my quilting, art work, and all the things I make, but once in while I have something big I must tell you. To get your ADC you have to pass three standard started agility courses (with two different judges), sounds easy doesn't it. I have been so close so many times. I got the first two runs but then I have had at least three other runs were we were over the time by less then one sec. My dog likes to visit the people and judges which has eaten up our time. Saturday he was so good. The run we passed he was also first out of five dogs in our class with others that passed.

Lex, being a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, loves to carry stuff in his month. I let him carry the ribbon out of the ring. He was so happy. He knew I was pleased with him. He had been a very good dog all day. Not just our runs but other little things too. He did not visit anyone on course. He only dropped his nose once to sniffing but stopped when asked. He did not run out of the ring after our last jump but came to me when called and sat for his collar to be put back on. There was very little pulling me around as we pass other dogs. He was not crazy on the first run.

Lex outside in the very bright sunshine.

We had three runs on Saturday with only one pass but that is OK. I have yet to pass two in one day. Our first run was Gamblers. He did well and did what I asked. We did not get all of the final part where the dog is to do more remote work. He got two out of four remote jumps when the buzzer went. Our last run he got a rail but it was very nice and we had a good time.


  1. Congrats to you and Lex!

  2. Congratulations - a wonderful payoff for all your hard work. Lex certainly is a handsome fellow - how old is he?

  3. Congratulations to you and Lex. I know that it represents lots of hard work on both your parts. I enjoy reading about my blogging friends interests both quilting and non quilting. Thanks for sharing..
    Regards, Anna

  4. Cathy, it is so great to read about your whole life. This is what gives your a whole and well balanced life. Les certainly is a handsome fellow!! Congratulations to you both.

  5. Congrats! He know's he did well as he is very proud in those pictures. Hope he got some special treats.