Friday, April 20, 2012

My Pink Bracelet

Today is Friday. Almost the weekend. I have finished a glass bead bracelet for myself. I did a few of these a few years ago. I had one that was pinks but it was looking dirty, some of the seed beads I used were silver lined and have now gone grey. I needed a new one with out the silver lined beads. I have plans for another turquoise one next. I will add this post to Crazy Mom Finish it up Friday.

I think they look best on, as the centre stem lays closer to my wrist and the beads sit up more.

I got this button in Victoria over spring break at a very nice button store down town.  I wanted to take home all the buttons. The very large flower beads in here are very special. When I bought them I was getting some of the last of what they had and I was told they never excepted to get them again. They are glass beads that were made from antique German moulds.  They were not cheep.

This is the bracelet I did for the Edmonton Guild Endowment fund raiser. I packaged it up nice this week and handed it in at the meeting Wednesday night. I hope it helps them bring in lots of money. I take a guess but I spend close to $100 in beads for each of these bracelets.

This week I also got these next two necklaces fixed for a very good friend. I did not make them. She bought them this past year and decided she needed them shortened.

Look at the hand work on these beads. I could make this my next hobby. I did look into the classes and the tools some time back. I would love to learn. But I might have to give up some other hobby first. Live is too short.

Here is the second necklace. 

My studio is a very big mess. I am packing to go to the Pamela Allen workshop this weekend. I have signed up for the two day class. I will be taking lots of my hand dyed thread, some hand dyed dollies, and a few baskets of fabric, some of it hand dyed. The place looks like a bomb went off and when I get home I have to put it all back again.

Thanks for taking a look. I love comments.


  1. Beautiful beading! Love the bracelet - so springy! Remember creativity is rarely tidy - have a great time this weekend - fairies will not come and clean up your mess but it will have been worth it.

  2. I am sure you are going to have a fabulous time at the Pamela Allen
    workshop. I absolutely love the bracelets- I have made bracelets but this technique looks challenging. The beads are fabulous-
    The two necklaces are also beautiful but the first one has such gorgeous beads.
    I look forward to seeing the things that you made at the workshop.
    Warmest regards,

  3. Great having you in the class with us Cathy. Your primary piece is coming together beautifully. It is a fun class and getting to see how each of us interprets each exercise is quite interesting.

  4. I'm so glad I didn't know about Pamela's being in the area. She's one of my textile art heroes. I was her 'go-fer' at Quilt Canada in 2010 and loved every minute of the 2 days I spent with her. I'll bet you had a great time!