Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I am home

Did you miss me. I was away for the week of Spring Break. I went with my kids to Victoria BC. My parents spent sometime there this winter and I have some relatives to visit. They have flowers in Victoria now and we have a chance of snow still. 

My parents sitting in the sun. It was a warm sunny day, the day we went to see my cousin. We spent the time outside moving around the yard in the sun.

Just loved this moss covered toad stool ornament. Very naturally distressed by the outdoors.  This just come with the yard.

My oldest son. He is very camera shy but I got a nice smile here. He had so much fun playing with the all the dogs. There were about 8 dogs around and they all loved chasing down a ball or sticks. There was a mud hole that he just could not keep out of. He kept those dogs good and wet all day long. 

I got some new fabric. Washing it up now. I hope to do some sewing for myself this weekend. I am busy quilting for my costumers as some of my snow bird ladies left quilts with me this winter and they will start to return home soon. Spring must be coming here soon.

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  1. Welcome home...there is no place like home! Your son is a very cute - he should let you take lots of pictures.