Monday, April 23, 2012

Design Wall Monday - Pamela's class results

Sweet Thoughts  - Glued down and ready to sew.
Today is Design Wall Monday over at Patchwork Times so I thought I would share my art work from the weekend workshop. The Edmonton and District Quilt Guild hosted a workshop with Pamela Allen from Ontario. I was in two days of classes. There were three days but I did not sign up for Friday's class. 

This is the cupcake lady just before I did some of the final touches. It is neat to see them change. Note the window is different, also the hand and hair. I did this one on Saturday and it felt good to get this much done. I now need to sew the appliquéd down by hand and then it can be machine quilted.

My horse and me. My horse is named Jester and he is a paint so a rainbow horse. I know I am the jester. Not sure this one is done. I may make some changes still. This one is not fully glued down yet, just pins. 

My pop quiz. We were given a little piece of printed fabric that had a part of some art. We were then to expand the piece and add what we wanted to complete the art. It was quick say 30 mins or so. The final size is only 7" by 10" or so.

Some group from Sunday mostly. My horse is on the top left.

Group designs from our mini pop test. These were very fun. I may have to do some more of these as they made you think faster. I think my mom and I may have to have a mini workshop to do some of these. It really loses you up and there is just a little bit of fabric. I think some of us had trouble cutting out some big chunks in our fabric. I know I sometimes used a less favourite fabric because I was saving the good stuff.

Lex trouble again. He has my husband's old sweat shirt. Loves to bring us things to get our attention. He likes to bundle it up so it does not hang down. This was the best of about 6 photos as he kept moving.


  1. Great blocks and all of those art blocks look great together from the class. How much inspiration! Pups gotta love em, he looks so proud of himself, too.

  2. Cathy, it looks like you had a lot of fun with Pamela. I have taken several of her online classes and learned so much.

  3. Love the Cupcake Lady and the Painted Horse! Pam's such fun, isn't she? I have her DVD as well as having had a class with her. Highly recommended! (P.S. when I took her class I was really her go-fer at Quilt Canada. At lunch hour, she dashed out to a nearby shop she'd heard was good for 'treasures' and immediately after lunch we got an eyeful of the fun things she found with which to embellish her quilts!)