Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Living Colour Auction Quilt

Photo by Mark Frey
I few years ago I was invited to make a donation quilt for the Living Colour Show  hosted by the Association of Pacific West Quilters. They are auctioning this and a few other great quilts on May 10 to 22, 2012 on line. There is a second group of quilts auctioned off in June also. To find out more about the auction go check it out on the APWQ site. If you have every wanted to own one of my quilts this is your chance.

I named it Evaluation of Colour.

Artist Statement
I had leftover triangles, which led to an idea for making lightning out of them. I thought about lightning bringing life to color, color to life. The triangles didn’t work the way I had in mind, so I decided to go with free-form cut shapes instead and threw out the triangles. I was influenced in part by a class taken with Jane Sassaman.
Techniques & Materials
A curve pieced background and fused lighting and amoebas. The fabrics used are all my own hand dyes.

Tonight is the Edmonton Guild Meeting. I am handing in my Spring Bracelet for the guild endowment fundraiser. We also have a very good speaker Pamela Allen. Then Saturday and Sunday is the class I am in. I have not thought about what I will make or what fabric I will take with me.

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