Monday, April 30, 2012

Design Wall Monday Painted Fabric

On Friday my Surface Design group did some gel plate painting. I have my fabrics all dried and thought I would share them with you today. I forgot my camera the day we did the painting so I have no photos to show from Friday, just my results. The 4 pieces on the left are my clean up rags. I took many handed fabrics that I did not like to make them better. Many I did make better, a lot better.

I really like these three. I have a underwater theme going here. I really love the centre one. I have some ghost colours from one of the other ladies using the gel plate before me.

These next ones I got using bubble wrap to print with (except the green one was a ice cube tray). I love dots and just kept on going with dots. The gel plate was loaded with paint and used to get the paint on to the bubble wrap. I had way to much fun with this.

We had a great day of paint and fabric play and a great lunch. I have linked today's post with Patchwork Times Design Wall Monday. 

Below is a close up of the dots made with bubble wrap. I still have one of the gel plates at home and may do some more at home this week. We will see as it is wildly busy this week. The boys start soccer, I still have agility class and the Leduc guild has a meeting and a weekend event. More about that later this week. I have a tin block due by Wednesday. Thanks for taking a look and commenting I love to hear from you. Now to check out the other design walls tonight.


  1. Cool fabrics! I've done dyeing of fabrics but not painting and these make me want to give it a try. There is always stash fabric that can use some updating - LOL!

  2. These fabrics are wonderful. I don't know how you could every cut into them and use them in a quilt. Very nice!

  3. Who knew that we would be doing similar work right now. I have recently printed papers for my books with gelatin plates. I will soon post them on my blog for your interest.

  4. bubble wrap - whoda thunk. Thanks for sharing your work. It looks great!