Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tin Box Exchange and Agility

The Black Gold Quilt Patch of Leduc meets tonight. The Tin Box Exchange is due tonight and I got it done without it being very last minute. This box number is 4 and the theme is Winter. The fabric we were to use was the dark blue print on the bottom right of the photo. I think this is my last box but there is one block missing. I think we had someone join this group late and they have not done this box yet. After they are all done we will be drawing for the boxes.

This is the block I did for the box. I found a pattern for a bird in an older Debbie Mum book I had and I changed a few things about it. I wanted to just appliqué one red and then do the hand embroidery to show off the wing, eye and beak. After I added the bird I thought it needed a branch to sit on so cut my block and added the brown stem then added the out row of half square triangles.

Also at the guild meeting tonight is a Fat Quarter exchange. I have gone though my fabric and thought I would take these to exchange (30). I hope other members have some good fabric to trade with me. Some of the fabrics are hand dyed and some are just older stash fabrics. I will have to let you know what I get in exchange.

Yesterday was our first outdoor agility class for the season. I took my camera and got a few photos. Here I have asked Lex to 'Go Tunnel" and that is what he is doing. I am heading to the next jump to direct him over. We have so much fun. Also last night was the beginning of the boys outdoor soccer season, both boys teams lost their first games. I took Lex to sit on the side lines with me. He is one tired puppy today. It was very cold to sit and watch. I got a blanket and mittens and hat out.


  1. Soccer season trunk kit - blanket, winter coat, bug spray, rain coat, sunglasses! Be prepared for anything!

    Loving the peeks at the tin exchange - we tried to get one going here at the guild a few years back, but not enough people were interested to make it worthwhile.

  2. I do remember the days of outdoor soccer and trips to the hockey rink- sometimes they feel like a long time ago and other days it seems like yesterday. Love your little red bird- very sweet.
    It looks like another fun little project.
    Hope you get some wonderful fabrics in exchange for your 30 pieces.