Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spring Is Here

I did some gardening today, so it must be spring. Here is the pond and rock garden area. Take a note at the trees in the far back. The leaves are trying to burst out. In three days they will be fully out. I love living in the country were we are so much more aware of the changing seasons. I got a few lily bulbs in the ground and some weeding done.

I have also put out some new wooden disks for stepping stones. They were left overs from my husbands work in forestry. He brought some disks home to burn in the fireplace but I am using some of the large ones for stepping stone. The one on the right has been outside for two years. The two on the left were from the same tree and the rings say the tree was 108 years old. Each of these disks have been sanded and then the rings counted and marked on the disks. The disks do crack and need to be replaced once in awhile.

This flower bed has lots of growing to do. The bottom photo is from last year and the one above is today. I hope they look just as good this year. I sit on the deck and watch the humming birds come to feed. 

I get to stay home tonight, so maybe I will do some scrap sewing next.


  1. OOOOO, I am lusting after your delphiniums!

  2. Beautiful garden plan, Cathy. My peonies are just wee nubs, but yarrow is up and everything is on the verge...

  3. great to see someone else is itching to get out into the garden. I love those delph's. When ever you have the need to divide some clumps, just say the word. cheers...kas