Friday, May 18, 2012

UFO List Update

At the beginning of the year I wrote a bit about what UFOs I have and what I plan to get done. I also made a list of new projects I wanted to do. One rule I gave myself is no guilt for not getting something done. I have gotten lots of patchwork done so far this year and only a few finished so far.

Heart quilt got done in February. I started as part of the rainbow scrap challenge, red as January's colour.
New Projects

- Plaid quilt for Son #2 - Just started
- Hawaii Quilt (because the fabric is fun) started - 11 blocks
- Bonnie Hunter's Mystery from 2010 RRCB - I love this quilt, might need one - Started the string blocks
- Pamela Allen Class Project - Class is in April signed up and paid - Two wall quilts started
- 2nd Scrap quilt (start with scraps from Bad to the Bone) - Top done needs backing and quilting squares with shadows - need to name this quilt. photo below
- maybe 3rd scrap quilt - I started some log cabin block in the rainbow scrap challenge
- 2 Fabric Christmas Trees - Not started
- Tin box exchange with the Leduc Quilt Guild  - I got my 6 blocks done, waiting to draw for boxes
- Brightly coloured Fabric book - Not started
- Maybe another Mystery From Guild or Bonnie Hunter if she does another one next Nov.- Lady Bug fabric quilt needs one more boarder. Leduc mystery day in April. 
- A felted project or two  - I did some wet felting a hat and scarf
- Gift for Edmonton Guild Endowment Fund Raiser - not sure what yet - I got the beaded bracelet done. photo at bottom of page.
- Roll Roll Cotton Boll - I have started and not planned to.

Wow two things I plan to work on and not started. All others I have done some work on. I may need to add to the new projects list but not today. I am sure by fall I will have a few things I want to start again. 

I have also done a quilt that is at the National Juried Show. I will show that quilt to you at the end of May. 

Squares with shadows quilt top done in April. Again part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for April. 

UFO's to work on- I plan to work on some but not finish all. This is not a list of all my UFO's, Just some I plan to work on.
- Orca Bay Mystery from Bonnie Hunter - finish piecing top, quilt, backing, bind - Very little change
- Dog's Food Quilt - Binding only left - Done with dog on it now.
- Bad to the Bone - Quilt, bind - No change
-  Log Cabin Plaid Quilt - backing fix the hole, quilt, bind - No change
- Star Struck in Lime - Backing, quilt, bind ( got top done on New Years Eve) - No change
- Spider Web Quilt - Piece blocks together, backing, quilt, bind - No change
- Rainbow Scrap Quilt - more Blocks, and much more, not sure how big to go. - More blocks done, more needed
- House wall quilt - finish top, quilt, bind- No change
- Flower prints 16 and 4 patch blocks - make a plan and build a top - No change - not even looks at the box
- Old UFO class project thing - dig it out, work on quilt top - rename this - No change now I am not sure what this is I am talking about.oops
- Green Chevron - more piecing - No change
- Whole Cloth quilt from Karen McTavish class - Thick batt with wash away, cutting away batt, quilt, bind - No change
- Susan Shie class wall quilt - quilt, bind ( there are two of these) - No change
- Felted fabric under water scene - what to do next ? - No change
- Felted scarf -  more design work, and Where is it? - Done and then lost in two weeks time. 
- Gift for Laural - appliqué block, Need to find it first.No change
- Leaves hand appliquéd on Snow Dyed fabric (Should get a photo and show you) - No change
- Baltimore Hand Appliqué - more blocks, start another block - No change

Bracelet for the Edmonton Guild
Ok so looking at what I have done so far this year, I like to start quilt projects. I have done well to start and keep working on those new starts. I am not good to go back to the older projects. I should not have started RRCB of Bonnie Hunter's until I finished Orca Bay. But I love to build little quilt units into the block size. Not a big fan of sewing large rows together. Also I need to book my machine quilting in so I can finish some of my quilts. I quilt for others but forget to make time for my quilts. 

Must keep the No Guilt and have Fun motto. 


  1. You have got lots done this year- I have done a few things- two bigger quilts (about double sized I think) and four baby wraps- a few simple bracelets and have been knitting the frilly scarves. Guess I am making progress - sometimes does not feel like very much until I start to list it. None of it is very complex..
    Its the pressing of the quilts and getting some of the other stuff done that stalls me out sometime. Once I get started again I wonder what exactly was my hold up.. LOL
    Great list Cathy- Congratulations on all the work on the UFOS.

  2. or you could adopt Lex's relaxed worries just sleep on it. The endowment thanks you so much for your button/bead bracelet. Making a list of my UFO's is not on my list of stuff to do!