Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Arley's Big String Quilt

This is a very large string quilt made by my Aunt Arley (smiley quilter). I got the machine quilting done for her a while back but forgot to ask if I could make a post about it. She has done the string piecing on the old phone book pages, the way that Bonnie Hunter does. I love the sashing the nine patches and the three bars. I did a quilt with this sashing years ago but gave it way to me sister in law.

I have quilted this one with leaves and loops in a medium green thread. This quilt has a wool batting in it and I believe it is to be her new Winter quilt. It is so large that she had to get me to quilt it form her, her frame is too small for it.  I should help keep Uncle Dave warm and cosy. I have added this to the String Thing Along.

I must tell you my Aunt Arley is the one who pointed me toward the Quiltville web site. She is the one who has been doing the mystery quilts and made me think I should try this or that. It is so much fun to have a fellow quilt buddy to point you in the direction of new quilts to try. I am so lucky to have so many good quilter's in the family. My mom Betty, Aunt Arley and my other Aunt Myrna are all great quilter's that I have. Now to get one of my sister in laws to sew. It is fun to influence our friends and get them to be as bad as we are, starting new quilts or shopping for more fabric.

Tuesday once was Bee Group ( more ladies to get into trouble with) day, So I love to show some quilting off. Some of our Bee group has planned a road trip to the Red Deer Quilt show on June 8th (and 9th). We will stop and shop on the drive. This show has a big market mall with shops across Western Canada. I best get some more customer's machine quilting done so I can go shopping.


  1. looks great. do you want to share this on our group string blog,

  2. What a striking quilt! I love that sashing treatment; what precision it requires! And somehow it makes the blocks appear to have rounded edges...interesting.