Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bouncy Ball

Bouncy Ball by Cathy Tomm

This week is Quilt Canada and it is in Halifax N.S.. I got a quilt finished and entered in the Canadian National Juried Show back in February this year. The show opened to the public yesterday (I forgot) so now I can show you my quilt. I named it Bouncy Ball. Only my quilt is going to the show not me. I am home on soccer duty.

Artist statement: My Dog and I have discovered the joy of competitive agility together. Our new found passion, that is as fun and fast as a bouncy ball. His favorite toy to train with is a Hol-ee Rooler, a ball with large holes made in a rainbow of colours. I chose the traditional block, the Greek Square, to convey the round ball shape with its many holes. Pieced with scraps and freehand quilted on my long arm machine. Hol-ee Roller is a resisted trademark of the J.W. Pet Company, Inc.

Width 72" and Height 96"

 I used a wool batt and did lots of different quilting patterns on it. I have not hear if it won any prizes, I have a few friends at Quilt Canada so I think they would have told me if I had gotten any.  That is OK. I have gotten many prizes in the past years. I think this was my 12th year I have quilts at the Canadian National Juried Show. Friday night update: my friend Kathy says she saw a ribbon on it today. Now to wait and see what. Thanks Kathy

Now some of you in blog land maybe thinking 'did I see you start this'. Yes. I did a few blocks in January and February for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2012. I was loving it so much I keep sewing and did the quilt very very quickly. I may have to add this to our Saturday Scrap links that we do each week.

Just a sample of some of the quilting I did.

Lex and Cathy getting there Agility Dog of Canada title.
It was only last month that Lex and I got our first title in Agility. This weekend in Medicine Hat many Agility friends are competing in the Regional for Alberta and NWT. I wish them luck and know I am thinking about you, keep on course fast and the rails up.  We are not ready do that level of competition.


  1. Congratulations on the quilt and on the agility event. You are one busy gal! Love the rainbow colors and how you pieced the blocks from lots of different fabrics -- simply wonderful!

  2. The quilt looks amazing! Congrats for having it entered in a juried show. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration! And Lex looks very proud of himself - as he should be!

  3. Gorgeous!
    ... both the quilt and the ribbon!!!

  4. Your quilt looks amazing...I love it!

  5. I love how your quilt came out and the quilting is amazing.

  6. Congratulations indeed for the big red ribbon I saw hanging on it here in. Halifax.