Friday, May 4, 2012

Mystery Fabric and Quilting

Happy Friday. I have fabric picked out for a mystery quilt. On Saturday my mom and I are going to a mystery quilt day hosted by the Black Gold Quilt Patch and run by the Prairie Quilt Mercantile (on Facebook) . We get to sew like crazy ladies. I think they said we have 31 people signed up for the day. We are doing a potluck lunch so good food too. The fabrics above are what I am going to use. The red strip will be the binding, the large red with black dot is the out boarder the the next two are inner boarders. I think I do not need the last red on the end.

I have been very busy machine quilting for my customers. I like to show you some of my custom quilting but I forgot to ask or forget to take the photos. I have three going out this week and have taken photos, now to just ask if I can post the photos.  This quilt is my mom's Betty. She has made it for my brother's boy. I think the pattern is from Colour Shuffle Book.

I have done the spirals to complement the lines. I love the colour of thread too. It has lime blue and purple in it. The whole quilt is make with batik fabrics. I was with mom when she bought some of the fabrics. The blue with lime dot was bought last year in Hawaii, I have a piece too.

I have added this post to Nap Time Crafters - Friday Favs Party.

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  1. I have that Color Shuffle quilt book- I will have to have a good look at it again. Your mom has a wonderful eye for color- I am sure that this quilt will be a hit with your nephew.
    I will look forward to seeing your mystery quilt- You do such wonderful pieces- quilting does feed ones creative juices doesn't it!
    I have been busy these days so I am only get little bits of things done but I thought I would come out and visit some of my blogging friends.