Sunday, May 27, 2012

Agility Results Today

Lex and I have just gotten home from our first outdoor agility trial of the season. We had a very good day. Lots of fun, hot dogs, and wagging tails. We passed our first ever Gamblers class. This class require to do some work further out from your dog. I was starting to think we would never pass one. We did great. We had to make our own rout and get enough points, then when the whistle blows we start the clock on the final gamble and we got it without any trouble. The other classes we had some faults like a rail and he jumped off the table too soon but he was very good over all. He did all that I asked and did not get distracted at all. I also did not get lost on course and was a good handler too. He is sleeping at my feet as I type.

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