Monday, July 16, 2012

Dying Results for Design Wall Monday

On Friday I lead my Surface Design Group in a colour wheel dying day. See more about our day Here. The first group of fabric I dyed was wax resist fabric. I did the waxing last summer but had not gotten these half meter pieces dyed till Friday. So nice to see them finished.

I have added today's post to Patchwork Times Design Wall Monday and Sew Happy Geek Manic Monday Linky Party. I am sorry I did not get this posted early but my internet did not work for almost two days. We keep getting power outages and then the internet does not work.

I had dyed this colour wheel years before and thought the group would like to do it again. I know I needed to replace them in my fabric stash. We used Sunny Yellow 108, Fuchsia 308 and Bright Blue 404. I did not want too many oranges so I skipped doing some of them. The stack on the left has the Blue and Fuchsia with the five Purples between. The centre stack is the five Greens. And on the right is the Yellow and two Oranges. I know which ones I did and which ones I missed, if I need more orange I can go back and do them. I did one meter pieces of Kona cotton PFD for the colour wheel.

I also did a few fabrics that have all three colours in them. This gives me some Browns, Oranges and Greens that are more natural.

I did a few extra things when no one was looking to closely. I got two pairs of socks and two T-shirts dyed as well. Lime Green and Purple, two of my favourite colours I did not take the time to do real tie dye with multi colours. I have a few and I just wanted some plainer colours for around the house or riding in.