Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Cleaning

Chained to Colour - First real scrap quilt finished in 1999. 
This weekend  I washed then dried my large bed quilt in the sunshine. I think it dried better outside than my old dryer could have done. The quilt is on the patio table and the back of two chairs making it look like a bed with pillows. It dried in just a couple hours. I washed a quilt for each of the boys too.

We are redoing our bedroom and cleaning it out. We bought a king size bed and needed to move out the old and clean for the new. My husband and I took turns with the vacuum. He would be upset if he knew I took this photo let a lone post it for all to see.

Green and Blue quilt is from my mom, made about 1999. 
I took some photos of my large quilt rack. I got this some years ago from old quilt friend down sizing.

It is taller then normal so you do not need to fold the quilts as many times. Great for show quilts and large wall hangings. I try not to fold them or change how I fold them often. I try not to fold in half down the centre because everyone else folds down the centre and that is the line the quilts will wear out first.

I spotted this under the pile. I forgot I had it. It can from the same lady I got the rack from. It is hand sewn and old. I will have to get a full shot photo someday. I have never taken any photos of it. Hexies.

Look! Our new Bed with new sheets and freshly washed Quilt. And the room is really clean too. Now I know why a person should do spring cleaning - cleaning in the heat is not fun. Note for next time do this kind of job in April or early May. Better yet, do it in January when you just can not warm up (maybe not drying quilts outside).


  1. Beautiful quilts and very nice new look- love the design of your scrap quilt. I bet it smells wonderful too after drying out of doors.
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. SUch a beautiful quilt! Good to see the other half on the end of the vac too. I have a very helpful hubby too. When we had a trampoline I used to cover it with an old white sheet and dry my quilts on it too. No longer have it but make do with a screen. I dont dry ours in direct light though because I had one fade in no time in our heat. 45oC with a hot burning sun is not ideal for anything.

  3. Very pretty quilt and room and the new bed fits perfectly. Nothing manlier than a man who 'helps'.