Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Canadian Slab Blocks

WOW, I got two more colours done! I started working slab blocks at the end of January and already I got all my colours done. I planned to do 8 colours, Red, Green, Blue, Black, Orange, Yellow, Pink and Purple. I wanted to make 2 quilts so needed 24 x 2 = 48 blocks. So 8 colours, I needed 6 blocks of each colour. I have a few extra, 1 red and 6 green. 

I have 48 +7 = 55 blocks done. 

So happy with myself. 

So this weekend I hope to work on a quilt top. 

Check out the Canada's Big Quilt Bee if you want to know more about the Quilt Bee. 

The slab block is a pattern from Cheryl Arkison. The link has the how to make some blocks and the sizes of quilts they are looking for. 

I love the pink cat fabric with the little black cat in the bottom corner, so sweet. 

So many shades of Purple. 

I might have to go shopping for backing fabric, not sure what I have that I can use. I would kind like flannel but I do not have any that is big enough, just one piece for a baby quilt. 


  1. Love your slabs! I am new on the scene -- having not long ago watched Ms. Arkison on The Quilt Show...and have just bought some fabric to make a few myself. No time to make a full top...but will make a small contribution nonetheless. This is fun!