Friday, February 17, 2017

Hawaii Quilt Top Done

Hawaii Quilt

I am on a roll. I got another quilt top done this week. That is 3 quilt tops in 3 weeks!
The blocks have been done for over a year but getting the blocks together is one of the hardest parts for me. I love to build smaller blocks and I am not a fan of putting the blocks together. You know keeping them in order and ironing long seams. 

Hooray, I got the top done! 

I got some super cute fabrics back in 2011, when we last went to Hawaii. I wanted a Hawaii quilt. I have been 6 times. I hope we can go again someday. 

I even took a photo before I started to cut into them. 

I took the dog out with me. This one caught her off guard. She was sniffing near the base of the quilt when the wind blow it up and over her. 

Dog and quilt looking good together. 

I have added this post to Crazy Mom Quilts and Finish up Fiday

The wind was a problem today. I took close to 50 shots but most look like this, Folded over quilt in the wild wind. We have been warmer and there is mud every where, so placing the quilt on the ground was not an option today. Also I have to have a row and half over the rail or it was blowing on the ground. So my quilt is longer 6 rows long and 5 wide. 

I plan to get this one quilted in time for a local quilt show. 

I will dream of the Hawaii waves under this quilt someday. 


  1. A Hawaiin quilt in the snow - now that seems seem to go together, dos it. Lots of happy memories in those bright prints.
    We have been to Hawaii twice (our home is New Zealand) and just love it there. And you have reminded me, I purchased a big bag of fabric squares which is still sitting in the wardrobe. Out of sight seems to mean forgotten, in this household.

  2. You are my kindred soul. Dreaming of Hawaii in the snow ; )

  3. nice quilt top finish!! I have a few prints from our vacation too!! not this far along!!

  4. I have a wee stash of Hawaii fabric too. I've only been once though. Good work on creating a cuddly souvenir for yourself. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge!