Monday, February 27, 2017

Slabs Blocks Take Over

Looking at all the slab blocks I have done so far. Wow! I have 79 Blocks done so far. 

This one above is now quilted and is waiting on getting binding on. I will get some more finished photos when the binding is done. 

These blocks are still on the wall from last week. I just finished the bottom row of blocks this week. I might keep this quilt for myself. If I do that I have to take 30 out of my total blocks made for charity So 79 - 30 = 49 blocks so far for the Canada's Big Quilting Bee, hosted by the CQA.  I am planning on 3 quilts fully completed for the Big Quilt Bee. 

Is that bad of me to keep one quilt for myself? I just love these quilts. 

I have so many slab blocks around I am having trouble keeping track of them. I have made myself a spread sheet to help me understand what I need and how many more I need to sew. 

For many of the blocks I used this white maple leave print. I have run out and I would love some more of these print. Any body got some for sale? I did buy another print so I could keep going but I would love more of this one. 

Here is the teal blocks and I added in a bit more maple leave only this time teal. 

I have added this post to Sew Fresh Quilt Bee where she has a special link up for slab blocks and the Canada's big quilt bee, and Design Wall Monday

The last few Blue blocks I did this last week. 

March 4th my Local Leduc quilt guild is planning a work bee on slab blocks. I am not going to make it to the work bee. I have another agility dog trial. I am making up for not being at the bee. 

I love this Red slab block. Many of my favorite reds are in here. 

Next up I am planning to make 6 more Purple slab blocks, then more yellow, orange, and black. 


  1. Wow! You sure have made a lot of blocks and they all look so pretty! This is fantastic, Cathy! So glad to have you quilting along!

  2. Wow! You are on a roll!! I love all your blocks and your quilt tops.