Saturday, March 25, 2017

Scrap Saturday Red

I got 18 Red Butterflies done this week. I had cut them out of my scraps last week so it was quick to get them done. The pattern for them is out of the book Quilty Fun, so the same book as my tulips. Did you see the finish Tulip Quilt Top? 

I have packed up some Red scraps to take with me on my little holiday. I just need to sew sometimes. So I hope to get a small 6" sample block done in this pattern but in all red. White with Red dots will count as red. It can be so hard to get some contract of value in red. Also I have packed more Glorious Hexagons to work on too. 

 I have added this post to Soscrappy while I am away. 

Next up is a wall quilt I started to go with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2017. I did a wall quilt I called Around About and then started 2nd Time Around ( I blogged a bit about it already). 

So I have added some purple. 

Picking out what to do next. 

I will move from purple to Red now. 

Next up will be the Red, I hope I can get it done as soon as I am home. I have a Red and purple strip set ready to go. I need more red added. Not sure how I can get the red to show better. I might have to dig in the hand dyed scraps to find some close to red, pink or orange. 


  1. Love your butterfly blocks! Your 2nd time around quilt is looking wonderful! Love it!

  2. Love, love, LOVE what you are doing with that Improv quilt!!!

  3. The red butterflies are so cute! Live your blocks.

  4. That little round about quilt is such a happy looking piece. Looking forward to seeing the red round.

  5. I like where Second Time Around is going!