Saturday, December 9, 2017

Rainbow Works

I have some purple strip sets done and ready for the next step of cutting. I used 1 1/2" strips mostly out of my scrap bins. I sorted them all into 4 different colour groups. You can see the top 2 sets are more the red purples and the bottom two sets are the blue purples. I just love projects that I can randomly sew strips and then cut out the next step. I should see what else I can make doing that. Maybe a diamond quilt. 

The lilac purple strip and the dark purple strips are still needing to be sewn. I might get to it later today. I have to do more machine quilting work for customers today.  The Christmas orders are on a deal line. I hope this time next week I will be done and can be on holidays. 

I am thinking about next year already and what projects I should work on. As today is Saturday, Scrap day, Next years rainbow challenge is on my mind. I have 3 or 4 projects that are getting so close to a finished quilt top. I think they should be top of the list. Then, What kind of new blocks should I work on?

I have linked up to Soscrappy and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

My step 2 of On Ringo Lake is done and sorted in nice piles. Step 3 came out yesterday but It will have to wait a few days. 

This is what I worked on last week when I was out sewing with my mom. It is a pattern from Sting Fling by Bonnie Hunter, called Cotton Candy ( I can not spell the Germany name she used). I have made it will all batik fabrics. I just love it. The photo shows 9 blocks together and the blocks are 9 ". I think I will just make it large lap quilt size. Ha Ha, I typed Lab first you know my dog a lab. 

I have horse shoes! The other day I just about got a ticket for speeding, the guy in front of me got pulled over, I did not. Then later in the day I was at Quilter's Dream's Elf night sale. They had door prizes and I won this little kit to make Santa ornaments. How lucky is that?


  1. Lovely projects and one lucky quilter!! Fun little kit you won and fortunate NOT to earn a "driving award", as my friend Sheila says.

  2. The colors of your Cotton Candy quilt are gorgeous! That's going to be one of those that you just keep standing in front of enjoying the beauty of it!

  3. Love seeing all your colors come out to play! And yup, you definitely had some Christmas magic this week - I hope the good luck continues!

  4. I love all those gorgeous purples, and Cotton Candy is to die for! And may all that good luck continue!