Saturday, December 2, 2017

Saturday Scraps

I am away sewing with my mom today. The Edmonton Guild is having a UFO day. I do not think I will take this project as it needs more design wall work. I still have to put up the greens, teal and Lime. I love playing like this. I have almost enough blocks to make this quilt big. At least 90" square, but I might want it a bit bigger. I might be making a few more blocks. Also I think I could draft this out on paper too. Colouring!

I have added this to Soscrappy today. 

So what to pack to sew on: 
  1. I think I will take step 2 of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt, so I need pink/corals and neutrals. I did play with what method was best for me on Friday. I think I will do add a square and trim off the bonus triangles. 
  2. Next to pack, red Canada 150 blocks. I have that in a bag to go. I should show off my blocks I do have done. I am getting some were with it. Mom and I are doing this together, she is doing the even numbers and I am doing the odd numbers. 
  3. Next, Oh the new project, batiks. Oh I need photos too. I will show something more on the wall Monday. It is Pink Purple and Turquoise, and all batik. So much fun!

Have a good day sewing. Or maybe you are baking for Christmas, Have you started yet? 


  1. Your checkerboard quilt is looking wonderful! Have fun with your sew day today!

  2. Love the b/w strips. Are they pieced or whole cloth? Because they are so perfectly lined up with tube color strips, no half black or white. Keep up the good work! Have fun on your outing.

    1. I have done the black and white with piecing all black and then real light to white. The colour is 4 fabrics shaded from light to dark.

  3. Enjoy your day with your mom. Your quilt-in-progress looks dazzling!! And, I can certainly see why you wouldn't want to take it away from your design wall. Too many pieces to contend with!!

  4. This project is just gorgeous, Cathy.

  5. Your design wall looks so pretty! So nice that you can sew with your Mom. :)

  6. Oh, I love the shaded rails. Gorgeous!

  7. The checker boarded rails are very fun. Hope you had a wonderful day of stitching and got lots done.