Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Pizza Box Exchange - first box

The Leduc quilt guild started another pizza box change.  For the first round I did a pinwheel block, as the box owner wants us to use black and white prints. I have lots of black and white fabrics. Each person started with a box and put up to 1 meter of fabric and the first block. Also it was recommended to put in a little note book. In the note book the owner of the box can put a note about what kind of blocks they hope to get. Also as we finish a block we wright a little note to the owner. It is so much fun to get your box back at the end of the year and read your note book. 

On the left are the 4 fabrics that were in the box. I used 2 of them and added 2 of my own fabrics. I found the block pattern in this great little book. I bought my mom this book for Christmas but then she was away and I kind of took it while she is gone. Don't tell her. It is the perfect book for doing block exchanges or sampler blocks. 

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  1. What a cool idea! Your block is great, too. I bet it is a lot of fun to read your book at the end of the process. An extra little treasure!