Saturday, February 24, 2018

Purple On the Go!

All the purple I got sewn this month. I love to see it all up at once. 
I have linked up with Soscrappy and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2018.

I got 9 Poverty Piecing blocks done today. Yes, Crumb blocks, I like to call them Poverty Piecing in memory of a friend Lou. She showed them to me many years ago and she called them Poverty Piecing. I do not have many little bits in the scrap box now, mostly strips and some squares and large pieces. 

Migrating Geese blocks. I do not know if it is a real pattern but I have seen some of these blocks on the internet and thought I would make some.   

My blocks use up 2" squares and then the geese have a 2" by 3 1/2" rectangle. I think that means the blocks finishes to 9 1/2" sq. 

I had 2 of these strip sets and needed one more. I have an idea how I will use them but until I have more done there is not much to show for now. I have 3 done in pink from a few years back. Maybe in a month or 2 I can show you more about what the plan is. 

I found it!
This is my all time favorite rainbow fabric to use for binding. I had some like 6 years ago but then could not find more. Well last week at a 20% off sale, there it was. I got 2 m more of it. I hope to use it as I get some Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilts done. I am so happy! 
You other scrap challenge ladies should understand. 

I used the rainbow fabric on this quilt. I had this quilt done in early 2012 and it got a prize at the Canadian National Juried Show in May of 2012. 

I think I will start some string blocks and get some purple strips used up. I got out the old phone pages. I have kept some books. Now what size to make my blocks. I am going to go look around for string blocks. 


  1. Fun to see all your purple blocks together - they will all make great quilts - eventually!

  2. That's a lot of purple sewing, but I love it! I love your calling the crumb blocks Poverty Blocks. I feel like it gives them dignity, if that makes any sense. And I adore that rainbow fabric. I choose crazy stuff like that for quilt backs - the heck with only binding! (But I'm sure it's fabulous as binding also.)

  3. Your purples are awesome!!! I'm making crumb blocks too, it's a great way to feel like you've really used everything! I very much enjoy the 'geese' blocks. And the hexagons are going to be fabulous with their other colors!

  4. Hey, I love that we both do end-of-the-month collages! Your blocks are wonderful. We have several of the same blocks; Squared Away, Geese Migration - or a variation thereof - and crumb blocks. And we’re both Cathys to boot. I’m with you on loving that rainbow fabric for binding. I love a good stripe, but the rainbows make it extra special!!

  5. Wow, you did a lot! I love those small hearts ;)

  6. Wow that is a lot of purple! I like them all! but I really like the term poverty piecing - it sound so cool ;-)

  7. Love that wall of purple, your prize winning quilt is exquisite and what a great find on the rainbow binding fabric.

  8. What a wonderful range of PURPLE scraps in all of your RSC blocks for February!!!