Friday, July 27, 2012

Berries = cake

Just before dust I got back from picking raspberries at my dad's garden. It did not take long and I had close to a full bucket. I will have to pick more on Saturday. I had more but the boys all had a bowl full before I got a photo. My parents yard did not get the wind damage as bad as my yard did on Monday night. Some raspberry plants were a little mangled by the wind but the berries were only starting to ripen and did not get damaged. 

Well I need to use them up. So I am making Raspberry Shortcake. I have a recipe for Strawberry Shortcake but Adam and I can not eat strawberries, we get skin troubles.

My batter all whipped up. I am making it in a 10" spring form pan.

Before you bake it you add a layer of berries and top with a little sugar. We are now watching '310 to Yuma' as the cake bakes and should have a piece shortly. 

Not much of my own patchwork done this week. Maybe I can finish my blue blocks on Saturday.  I have been busy with customers quilts and some family fun. Yesterday we went to Capital Ex, the fair. The bumper cars were on my list of rides we had to do. I was a very good Canadian and had my very first serving of Poutine. What is Poutine - French fries with cheese curds and covered in gravy. It was good but I can live life without it.

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  1. Hehe! I'm American and I even know what poutine is (might be because I lived close to Quebec for close to 40 years and have lots of french canadian heritage... in the 100% range!). The berry cake looks wonderful. I'll bet it didn't last long.