Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blackfoot Trail Ride

Honey and Adam getting ready to ride. We have had a week of family fun while staying at home. On Friday we packed up and went to the Blackfoot Nature Park for a trail ride. We are four with a four horse trailer so we each rode. My dad did not come with us, but I used his horse.

This is Tonto, my dad's horse that I rode. I still ride in my English saddle. I did not pack my saddle bags this day as it did not look like rain. My lunch went in my husbands saddle bags.  Last year I had many D rings added to my saddle and got some saddle bags I can use. It carries as much as the big western saddle bags.

Here is Socks, my husbands horse. He is sporting a new saddle. My husband just loves his new saddle. If I was to move to a western saddle I may have to get myself one like it. I hate riding with a horn and like the low profile of my English saddle.

Here is Wyatt and Scotty the horse. Wyatt is a teenager and hates his picture taken. This is the best I got of him.

My Husband and Socks. My husband took one photo of me but it is my face with the sun behind me and you can not see me much with my hat on. It is not worth showing.

Even Adam was trying to not have his photo taken. Before lunch we had a moose in the bush. So a little spooky for the horses. Then on the way back we meet a runner on the trail. That was even more of a jump. The two horses leading and the runner all jumped pretty good.

The boys at our lunch break. 'No' the camera is out.

At lunch we got to the Running Dog Shelter area. They have hitching post to tie your horses to. The ponies all look happy to have a rest.

I kind of like this photo of Tonto. Other actives we have done this week are, the new Batman movie, dinner out, and more riding but around home.

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