Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dog in the Garden

Yesterday the sun was behind a cloud and the flowers were at their best. I took over 60 photos. The softer light was good. Lex, my Chesapeake Bay Retriever gave me some great poses. I think these first two photos are my favourite ever of him. He walked by the flowers and I told him to stay, and he stood for a number of photos. He got looking at the horses in the field below so his ears are showing great interest.

The bad news, yesterday a storm hit after supper. With the wind and hail, all my flowers and veggies are gone. I might still get potatoes and carrots but the rest is a mess. Plants snapped off at the tops and middle trunks. It is a mess. I am not going to take any photos. It is too sad. We had 14 trees down in the driveway, away from the house. Every thing else is fine. No hail damage to the house, small enough ice pellets. I have never seen hail driving sideways so hard, good thing it was pea size and not larger.

Pink lilies that were just starting to look so good.

Yellow and orange lilies

Here is Lex doing his doggy sniff. This is how he normally patrols his yard. Checking out the boundaries to see who may have entered his yard. Down the hill is the dugout and horse field. 

To get an idea how big some of my flowers were, I got Lex to sit in the pathway.  Sadly it is a tangled mess and mostly blown down now.

I had two humming birds and a hawk fly just feet away from us. I took some photos but they were not good.


  1. Lovely photos! Your garden looked amazing - so sorry Mother Nature didn't allow you to enjoy it longer.

  2. Beautiful garden. I love the second pic of Lex posing in front of all the color. So sorry to hear the storm destroyed everything--how sad. I guess you took the pics at the right time.

  3. Your garden looks lovely. I am so sorry that the hail storm caused such a mess, but am so glad you got out and took pictures before that happened. Great shots of Lex.

  4. Great photos of Lex, wish I could get Jindi to stay still in fabulous poses...she is way to interested in the camera *sigh*...such a shame about your garden, it was looking so lovely, at least there were no injuries and no damage to buildings or vehicles...hope you don't get any more wild storms.

  5. So sad that you were hit with such a bad storm. Thankfully, it was only the gardens that were damaged. I am glad that you took the photos when you did - they are lovely.