Tuesday, July 17, 2012


We have had some real heat in the past 10 days or so. Once in a while we have had some gentle rain. Tuesday just north of us there was some heavy rain and hail that distorted some gardens and flooded basements and streets. We did not get that storm. But it made me think I should get outside and take some photos of my flowers in case we get a hail storm. So late on Saturday I got clicking away, I planned to make a post Sunday but our internet was down all day. Today I finally get to show off my flowers.

My Giant Blue Delphinium are about 6 and half feet tall now. They are about a foot taller then me. I have at least six different colours in the flower bed next to the deck.

The roses will soon come to an end. They are fully open in this heat.

Day lilies are starting to bloom. This orange one is a big old plant I got from the yard (house) my Brother once had. 

Here is the pond. It has a few tall plant next to it. I have four fish enjoying their summer home. I bring them in for the winter. In the far back of the photo is my Veggy garden.

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  1. Love your delphinium! Mine were eaten by something so sadly, none at our house.