Saturday, July 14, 2012

Surface Group Dying Day

Yesterday, Friday I had three other ladies and one of the husbands come to dye fabric with me in the barn. Dawna was not able to come to dye fabric but she sent her husband to dye her fabric for her. Wow was I surprised to see him come in her place. The top photo is us at lunch time. After lunch we let my kids have the left over cake and fruit trays and did they ever dig in. It was gone in seconds.

Back at the barn is me and Doug doing our dying. We moved the saddles and blankets to a back tie stall behind us. Our water, sink and dye mixing station was in the tack room.

Here is Judy and Dainne in deep thought about something.

Yvonne taking photos too.

Here are my trays of fabric. Sitting to be cured over night.

Saturday, I have started to wash my fabric out. This is just one load. I hope to have photos of all my pretty fabric soon.
It was another great day of fibre fun. I have gotten notes back from the girls and they are all very pleased with their new fabric.

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