Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Roses in Bloom

I got this rose about 14 years ago and moved it to this spot about 12 years ago, from our old house. It just keeps getting bigger. I have never trimmed it. I have about four more rose plants growing in behind the spruce tree. If the rain does not beat it up to much it will bloom for weeks. The bees go crazy for it and it has lots of thorns but it never has any winter kill. We get cold here and most other roses I have get some kind of winter kill and needs to be trimmed.

I was given the rose from my husbands co-worker. His grandfather was moving out of his home and he was a rose breeder. The new owner of the house was planning to plow the roses under. He worked on roses for the Alberta winter. He crossed some with our wild roses. This is the same colour but has more petals and is a much larger blossom.

The white rose is also from the same older man. It has not done as well but it is in a dryer spot. The grass also keep getting in and around the plant. This one is not as showy but it smells so sweet. Do you see the thorns by the millions? 


  1. what beautiful roses- Cathi- I love roses and we use to have one but eventually it just did not survive winter and the dogs. Somehow they would wrap themselves around the bush( not thorny enough I guess.
    You grow lovely flowers- Do you have a big garden too? My parents are great gardeners but I have a black thumb rather than a green one. My knees can't handle the weeding any more either.
    Still putting along - knitting a little resting some - relaxing alot.. Summer vacation has begun- I best get started on some quilting today.

  2. I can smell 'em from here! Lovely! :-)

  3. Such beautiful roses. I am currently pruning my 30 odd and will attack my parents 40 odd later in the week! Its very cold and frosty where we live.