Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blue Scrap Saturday

I have been working on Blue scraps this month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge over at Soscrappy. There are other Blue projects the other quilters have been working on.

I have done some more blocks for my Forester`s Wife ( also known as Farmer`s wife blocks). I started to work on the blocks from a sew- a- long but they are taking July most off. I started last so I have many blocks to catch up on.


I have been loving the little triangles the best. These blocks are 6 inches square so the triangles finish at 1 1/2 inches. Yesterday I just kept making the little triangles without thinking how many I needed. Then today I made my blocks I can up with some that were not apart of the sew-a-long.

I also mixed in some purple into this block because I had a few left from last months purples.

Five blocks this month. I may have to work on this quilt next year also. They are so small and to not make up much of a quilt yet.

I did a boob boob. Can you believe I did it twice. I ripped and sewed wrong a second time.

This is some of the poverty piecing I did was a leaders and enders project. I think most of these end bits came from the log cabins and the large rainbow blocks I did earlier in the month. I just kept the little pile of clippings next to my machine and in no time, they were little rows.

I have a lilly flowering again after Monday`s storm. It is not perfect with a few buries and holes. But it is some colour to my garden.

Next today is Pie making. Blueberry Raspberry and Peach. Hope to watch more Olympics well I make Pie.


  1. Yummy day at your house...beautiful blue blocks AND blueberry pie?!?!

  2. What a great collection of blue blocks! You have definitely been busy with blue this month. I like the broken dishes star. Such a nice arrangements.

  3. Great blue blocks! Such beautiful blue fabric scraps

  4. Wow! Your Forester blocks look amazing! And pie - you're making my mouth water!

  5. Oh my, a lot of nice blue blocks there. I often do exactly what you did, make a mistake, rip out and then sew it wrong again.

  6. I like pie! You have made some wonderful blocks.

  7. Love your blue blocks Cathy :) Your lily looks very pretty too. I have flowers coming on my hostas but the leaves on them are shredded by the huge population of snails we have. Escargo anyone?