Monday, September 28, 2009

12 days of Christmas Charms

Here are the charms that I have made for the 12 Days of Christmas. There were two groups of 12 people so I was able to take a spot in each group. We were to do a charm with the number and a charm with the subject, 24 for each group. I did Three French Hens and 10 Lords a Leaping. I had made a big mistake and made the number 4 for the hens. I guess I do not sing the song enough to know which number the hens were. I had to remake it correctly. The lords are traced onto shrink dink art, coloured, cutout, hole punched and then placed in the oven and shrink. The others are all images printed on the ink jet and then sealed with Mog Pog.
I then cut the image to fit the plastic crystal. I found these "sew on" crystals on sale, they were perfect. Hope I can get more. Once they are glued on the back side, I had to put a jump ring in one of the holes. Then I put Diamond Glaze over the image giving it a raised glassy affect. I love that they look like a Christmas glass ball.

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