Friday, September 25, 2009

Dyed Thread, some fabric

Here is the eight colour ways of thread that I have dyed this week. I have a few sales coming were I can sell my thread and fabric. I took longer showing photos because I started to wash it out and decided to a few times rinse and soak it over night. Today was warm and sunny and a little breezy so the thread dried in about 3 hours outside. In the winter, inside, it takes three days to dry. I can start to wind the thread into skeins and prepare them for the sale. Someday I may have to do a Etsy site.
Here is only some of the fabric that I dyed.
These two pieces of fabric are fat quarters (20"x20") that have been wrapped on a rope and dyed each in one dye bath. I took the photos and then re-wrapped the fabric again on the ropes and in another dye bath. They are still soaking and I need to wash them out tomorrow. They look good now but wait, they get better as I do more to them. Lets hope I get a good result now that I said that.

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