Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Connections Art Show coming soon

We have a show coming up in Summerland, B.C. at the Summerland Art Gallery on Oct 8th till Nov 21th. The gallery opening reception is the evening of Oct 8th. These photos are of three of the pieces I have in the gallery. The top one is Meal Plan. It is a stand up folding book. It is made with firm batting and hand dyed fabric and paper. I have added the kitchen tools with wire and eyelets in the fabric. Also added is paper tags with my hand made fimo beads. I also made hand craved stamps of a tea cup, cupcake and fork with spoon,and then used them to stamp the pages. I made this because my Grandmother use to make a very detailed meal plan when she was excepting guests for several days. A copy of her plan is on the front cover, it was a trip of us coming to stay a week back in March of 1986. The other pages have some of the recieps she would have used. Some are in her hand writing.
These are Scratch Pads. In the Gallery the guests are able to leave a note for everyone to read. It is a way to connect with our viewers. The ones shown are very full and I am now making new pages to add to the books.

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