Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We Must Be Dotty

This quilt was made by me and my mom Betty Manuel, early this year. Her and I worked on it together for the past two years. This last week I got my copy of the Canadian Quilter (CQA) and it is pictured in the magazine. It is an amazing feeling seeing your hard work published, so I have posted today. We had entered it in the Canadian National Juried Show this spring in Saskatoon. We got an Honourable Mention for Excellance for Traditional Wall Quilt: pattern or book. We were very happy to get a prize with all the good quilts in the show. Our statement for the show reads: "From the first moment we saw this pattern we knew it was our next mother-daughter project. The vivid colours and playful style drew us to collect all the dots we could find. Both of us participated in all phases of the quilt making with the exception of the quilting by Cathy."
The quilt is 93" x93" in size. We need to give credit as it is a pattern called "Everyday Best" by Piece O'Cake designer, Beckie Goldsmith, in her book called "Quilts with a Spin" written by Beckie Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins and published by C & T Publishing.


  1. That's really neat!! The colors are great!

  2. This quilt is absolutely beautiful. I saw it on display at the Edmonton Quilt Show and the colors really caught my attention. Congrats on being published in CQA.