Monday, August 27, 2012

Design Wall Monday Aug 27th

Monday Morning and I am looking back at what I got done this month. Not a great amount of patch work but I did quilt one of my quilts on the Aug long weekend so it helps make it look more productive. I worked mostly on my rainbow scrap challenge with this months colour being teal/aqua/turquoise.

I have added this post to Patchwork Times Design Wall Monday

I got a few more hexie flowers done on the weekend. I love these. I am thinking I will appliqué them to some kind of patchwork.

Don't buy cucumbers! 

A bit of a joke in our house now. My mom bought some from the farmer's market and told me not to buy cucumbers. Well my garden is over run with them so I told her Don't buy cucumbers. I will be sharing these. I gave some to mom and a customer that picked up her quilt last week. 

Thank You so much for all the great comments. I love them.


  1. So many fun blocks up on your design wall! What a great variety. Those cucumbers look delicious. I guess you won't have to shop for a while:)

  2. Look at all those lovely blocks on your design wall! It is the time of the year that gardens over flow. We are like that with green beans, zucchinis and our never ending blueberries! We found that we can feed the zucchinis to the chickens!

    And we pulled out the beans in frustration. so funny!

  3. Love the blue yellow hexies...but then I'm a sucker for the blue/yellow combination...and hexies!...enjoy your cucumbers...

  4. Your collection of turquoise blocks look fabulous! Your hexies must be small if you are thinking of appliqueing them? Mine are much larger but Im interested to know if you remove the papers once they are attached to another hexie or if they should be left in until the end? Anyway thanks for stopping by my blog!