Saturday, August 25, 2012

Horse Camp 2012

I just got back from Horse Camp last night. We have tons of unpacking still to do. We (the family) packed up the horses and the camper and head to the mountains to do some serious trail riding. Lex our Chesapeake Bay Retriever also comes with us to camp and trail ride for a week.

This was one of our highest climbs. We are more than 400 m above the level of our camp up here. We had a seven hour ride this day. We rode up the Hummingbird trail and down the Canary Creek trail.

This was part of the way down, though the valley towards Canary Creek. The view is beautiful here.  

This is the Hummingbird Creek were there is the cutest little step falls. I have been here one other time and have the photo on my face book profile.

The dog and the kid were sleepy.

The horses were sleepy too.

I sure hope we can camp again next year. It is so much fun.

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  1. Love seeing these trails again! Looks like you had gorgeous weather!