Friday, August 17, 2012

New Quilt Books

I ordered a few books and they have arrived. I got the Gee's Bend book without seeing it before and I am please to say I love it. Lots of eye candy.

I also got these two. I may not have needed them but I will have fun trying a few things out of each. I am not sure of the Free Form book, some of the pieces are a little busy looking, but maybe it is because the other two books have so many solid fabrics and this uses more prints.

I was in the garage cleaning out the van of dog stuff. Mr Lex got a hold of three of his dog toys. I thought he was so cute to hold all three toys at one time. He was not going to let them fail out.

My boys cleaned my van for me. Vacuumed and washed out inside. So nice to have a clean van.

I have been very busy long arm quilting and hope to show you one or two quilts soon. Not much of my sewing going on here. Maybe some blue later today.

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  1. I am a huge fan of the Gee Bend quilters - I am sure the book is wonderful. They have created so many unique designs using whatever was available.
    I have not done much of my own design- just translate other patterns into my own using commercial fabrics. Occasionally I have added different borders to my quilts- I am on a roll of a series of quilts from one of the BQ patterns- it is kind of fun to play with the fabrics.
    Enjoy the weekend. Regards, Anna