Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall and a Quilt

I got this quilt done for my customer and she came to get it late yesterday. She calls it her "fun quilt". I forgot to get a photo of the backing but it was red with large numbers. She had me quilt it will an all over squares pattern that I do with Red thread on the top and bottom. It really did made it fun. The pattern of the patch work is Turning 20.

A detail shot. Great fun. Best of all she was very pleased with it. Now she has to finish her binding.

The sun was out today and the leaves are at their best colour so I have some fall photos today to share with you. Honey the horse.

This is my driveway. If you had a bad day, there is nothing better to drive home through the trees and almost there. Open the window and small the leaves for the best aromatherapy. No internet smell-a-vision, sorry.


  1. Cool quilt and your quilting really enhances it! I love your driveway- a lane lined with trees is so pretty!

  2. Lovely quilt, horse and leaves... nothing like the turning of the leaves. I keep meaning to go and take a couple of photographs of the street where I live. I live in the centre of the city where there are lots of big old trees on the boulevards. The streets are glorious at this time of year and when we have a snow storm ( but I don't want to think about that just yet.