Sunday, September 16, 2012

Grandmother Choice Blocks 2 and 3

I have a nice start to my Grandmother`s Choice block of the week. You can find the posts Here. This is #2 Amethyst and was out last Sunday. I had trouble with my computers and printer so could not get it printed. Then I ended up drafting it myself. Worked out great.

Then block #3 Union Square was posted on Saturday. Maybe they will all be on Saturday as many of us sew on the weekend. I got it done and measured it. It was too big. I sewed a seam allowance to two deeper, and it is still to big. I cut all my Red and White square  2 1/2" not the 2 3/8". I am thinking I may redo this block over. I like the fabrics I used but it is still a large 1/4" larger. Just not happy with it.

Here is all three together. You can see I am using lots of the yellow.


  1. They look wonderful!! I love all the yellow. It is going to be a very happy quilt..... that's what yellow says to me.....happy.

  2. Love the dots - especially the blue ones! It will be fun watching how all your blocks turn out.

  3. Cute blocks! Just located a possible use for that twill tape....

  4. What fun fabrics you have in your blocks! It is going to be a happy quilt.