Tuesday, September 18, 2012

World Wall Quilt

I was asked to machine quilt this lovely little wall quilt for Karin. She is donating it to an auction to raise money for an elevator.  Many of our public spaces in Canada are forced to be wheel chair accessible and it is going to cost a lot of money.  This is for a ministry school.

Can you see the cross?

Off to quilt a baby quilt today. Tonight we are going out for Fancy Dinner to celebrate our Anniversary.


  1. Beautiful! You know I saw the cross right away and was going to comment on it.....then I read your comment!

  2. Stunning quilt! Have a good time having Fancy Dinner (with capital letters, lol). Happy anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary! It seem to be a popular month as I have heard of 3 others this week.