Monday, January 16, 2017

Christmas Quilt part 2

I did some more work on my Christmas quilt. I am getting ready to put all the blocks together with the sashing. I am planning to make it 4 blocks square. I think it makes the quilt 76" square.

I have added this post to Judy's Design Wall Monday. It has been a few months since I showed a quilt on design wall Monday, so glad to get my act together. 

I have another quilt taking up a 3rd of my wall. I had kind of pushed it off to one side. How ever my quilt needs 4 blocks wide so I just pinned the blocks in place. Kind of a mess. I hope to get an hour tonight to work on it some more. there are some small white squares missing. Then start on the sashing. 

Gemma and I did the Pace agility trial this past weekend. We had so much fun. We had 5 runs and did not pass any of our runs but there was some very good things. Gemma was very good. Most of the time it was my fault, being late or not fast enough for her. We are off for a training time later today. 

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  1. Your Christmas quilt is just beautiful--love that pattern hugs, Julierose